Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Book Published

I am thrilled to have received a copy of a new book called ‘Garden Design, A Book of Ideas’ by Heidi Howcroft & Marianne Majerus.  Published by Mitchell Beazley.

Any excuse to look through wonderful images and inspirational ideas is always welcome.  


I am particularly biased on this occasion because one of the case studies, on page 204 – 205 to be precise, features a Pictorial Meadows annual wildflower meadow in one of my gardens.  


I use these whenever the opportunity presents itself.  They are very easy to sow, require minimal maintenance and flower for months on end.  In addition they buzz with insects – the bees love them.

The rest of the book is extremely interesting and very beautifully photographed, as one would expect from Marianne, and packed full of great ideas.  I can feel an extended book session coming on.

Should you feel the need, and I recommend that you do, it is available on Amazon.

The ISBN number is 978 1 84533 921 0. 

NB - These images are ones I have taken of the same meadow and nowhere near as good as those in the book.

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